EK7000 DIY rubbish bin vacuum robot kit

This DIY rubbish bin Robot Vacuum Cleaner kit which is shape is cute and easy assemblied by children themselves .


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EK7000 DIY rubbish bin vacuum robot kit


Item No : EK7000
Brand : EK
Weight : 235g

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner is specially designated for children aged above 10. Personal or school teaching materials, single or group practice is also suitable. In the course,

participant can learn :

    1.  The basic concept of Airflow (Fluid Mechanics)

    2.  IR Application Technology / Simple Switch or Sensor Usage In Complicated Automatic Action.

    3.  The Idea Of Their Home Appliance Vaccum Cleaner Operation Principle.

    4. Only Two Motor to Drive Two Wheel Are Able To Move Four Action (Turn Left & Right, Forward & Backward)

    5. Instead Of A Group Transistor / Capacitor / Inductor / Resistor , Only One Intergated Circuit (IC) Can Control The Most Of the Complex Function.

    6. How To Use Different Tools To Do Adjustment With Screw and Plastic Parts Matching To Achieve The Successful Complete Product Assembly

Product Specification :      

      Operating Voltage : Two Battery Box With AA Size Battery X 4pcs 6V

      Moving Direction : Turn Left & Right, Foward & Backward Automatically

Feature :

      Easy To Assembly

      Low Noise Operating

      With Net Chamber To Hold Up The Dust

Main Components :     

      1. Two Sets Completed Wheel Gear Box

      2. Main Board For Control Circuit. 

      3. Transparency Cover For Components Protection     

      4. Plastic Materials : ABS & PET

      5. 16 Pages Colourful Instruction Manual

Packaging :

      1. Product Weight : 235g

      2. Product Size  : 140mm x 90mm x 90mm

      3. Carton Box : QTY 20pcs

      4. Carton Size : 290mm x 280mm x 280mm

      5. Carton Gross Weight : 5kg

Delivery : 30 Days

Shipment QTY :

      Small Quantity Sent By Air

      Large Quantity Sent By Sea

      Production Lead Time : 30 Days

      Sample Lead Time : 7 - 10 Days

Option : Semi-Assembly or Completely Disassembly Mode to Delivery.